Recommended Individual & Small Group Coaching and Services (for secondary & university students in Sydney)

ELES does not offer individual sessions. Dr Prue Salter works directly with schools and due to her workload and academic commitments is not available for individual coaching.

So instead Prue's recommendations for individual or small group coaching sessions are below. Wendy, Meredith and Jane are known personally to Prue, she has worked with all of them, communicates regularly with them and whole-heartedly recommends all of them, the others come with high qualifications and experience or recommendations. Areas covered by the specialists below are: Motivation/Counselling, Essay Writing, Study Skills, Learning or Speech Difficulties / Literacy / Dyslexia / Gifted / ADHD / Special Provisions.

ELES does not receive any payment or benefit from recommendations to these people - we just want to help parents connect with people who can help them! Scroll below to see the contacts and below that to see information about each specialist.



Sharon Draper
Psychologist @ Mosman
Mobile: 0452 575 598

In the North Shore area you can also try or

onPsych Services
NSW, ACT, QLD, WA & VIC schools are eligible to access onPsych Services. onPsych works on the school grounds and provides mental health care to students, families and teachers at no cost (Medicare or NDIS). Other services are also available. Please contact 1300659350 or for more information.

Note, it is important with counsellors that you are comfortable with them and connect with them. If it doesn't work with the first one you try don't give up, try another one.

Headspace Youth Services: Chatswood clinic


If your student's essay writing skills are weak, Meredith will be able to help your student develop the skills they need. Meredith is based on the Northern Beaches, and you can choose whether to travel to her or have Meredith come to you (additional travel costs apply).
Meredith Goulding (Email:, Mobile: 0407 006 313).
Scroll down for background information and pricing.
Download a TIPS SHEET from Meredith.


If your student needs general organisational and study skills (ie 'what' to actually do or 'how' to do it), these 3 EXPERTS can help. You may just need a single session or you may decide to do a few as needed. Email is usually the best way to initiate contact but if you don't receive a reply within 48 hours you may like to text or call to check your email has not gone astray. If you have trouble contacting one of the people below email Prue at and she can find out if they are overseas or out of contact at that time.

* Ali Horii in based in Neutral Bay and does coaching on weekends and most school holidays and only at her home in Neutral Bay. Email:, Mobile: 0405 901 912. See below for background information and pricing.

* Wendy Lindeman is based in Cremorne and does coaching during the week and on weekends at her home in Cremorne. Wendy may also be available some school holidays. Email:, Mobile: 0418 866 886 - please send a text explaining you are looking for study skills tutoring or leave a voice message. See below for background information and pricing.

* Jane Rouvray in based in Menai and generally travels to your home (travel costs apply) or you may meet in a library etc.  Jane is available both during weekends and weekdays., Mobile: 0402 863 683. See below for background information and pricing.

Prue only recommends the services of people she has first-hand knowledge of and is confident in their abilities, integrity and experience. Ali, Wendy and Jane will work with your student to determine what they could do to improve their results, uncover issues and tailor specific solutions to the problems your student is facing. They are all familiar with Prue's work and strategies and also bring their personal experiences in this area to the table. It is important to note that these people are not 20 years old university students doing subject tutoring for some extra pocket money. They are highly educated and experienced learning professionals with a wealth of knowledge. They need to be able to diagnose on the spot the issues your student is experiencing and develop suitable action plans. People who can do this are few and far between - we struggle to keep up with the demand for these sessions, but in 15 years I have only found these 3 people with the skills, knowledge and personality necessary to connect with students in a meaningful way. Their time is valuable. If you wish them to travel to you, you need to be prepared to pay travel costs for their time to travel to and from your home. Scroll down for background information and pricing.


If your student needs regular and on-going support SET TO STUDY has been established to help high school students reach their potential and achieve the best possible outcome. Each individual's wellbeing is at the forefront of the approach. Set To Study incorporates essential elements to help students achieve, whilst relieving the stresses of their high school years through supportive mentorship and tuition. They will evaluate students' motivation and create a personal study plan so they can discover their study habits and be set to study. Set to Study can also help you find specific subject tutors for your student.


If you are a student about to start university, at university or a mature aged student planning on returning to study, Ali can help you develop the skills you need to cope magnificently with your studies! She has worked with numerous university students and her contact details are as follows: Ali Horii (Email:, Mobile: 0405 901 912, based in Neutral Bay). Scroll down for background information and pricing.


AF/HD: Mark Brandtman. Mark operates an Educational Consultancy which works exclusively with adults and children with AD/HD. His Consultancy offers in servicing and support to schools as well as education to parents and school students the effective management of AD/HD. Mark also operates The Sydney Adult AD/HD. Clinic, the only clinic specializing in Adults with AD/HD within Australia (based in Chatswood).  

LEARNING DIFFICULTIES ASSESSMENT: Dr M Antoinette Redoblado Hodge, Clinical Neuropsychologist: has specialties including neuropsychological, educational, attention assessments and autism-specific assessments. Email:  

LEARNING DIFFICULTIES ASSESSMENT: If you need to have your child assessed for learning difficulties, you can contact this group:

LEARNING SUPPORT: Learning Link's mission: To provide children and young people who have difficulties learning with the skills, services and family support that enable them to reach their full potential.

NOTE: Parents, if you have used a service you think other parents might also find useful please let us know so we can add them here, email Prue at


Jodie Thelning, Career Place, Best Life Psychology.
Morrisby Report, by Career Analysts for all Yr 10 students.

It is an excellent assessment tool which tests and compares 8 different abilities. The student’s interests are considered, students receive a 20 page personal report with 12 suggested occupations, which match the student’s abilities and interests. Testing is 3 ¼ hours long with a questionnaire and practice questions to be completed beforehand. Some schools run a parent/student information evening approx. 2 months after the testing, for the students to receive their report and listen to a psychologist explain how to interpret and use the information in the report. The accuracy of some personality information is uncanny. I have found some students are disappointed as they don’t understand that the report is a starting point in their decision making. ‘It doesn’t tell me what to do’. To find out more information, call Barry Darnell in Melbourne 03 97526350

Marisa Quatrio at Oakhill College in Castle Hill runs public testing sessions on Saturdays several times a year. Ph 02 9634 2830.

Emma Goodsir, a psychologist some schools use for the parent talk also runs testing sessions occasionally in Pennant Hills.


Meredith GouldingMeredith Goulding, PhD (Sydney University)

Meredith is a specialist in essay writing skills. She is a highly qualified teacher, with a BA from Sydney University in English and History, a 1st class Honours MA and a PhD in English Literature. She has as well, a Diploma in Education, upon which base she has built over 28 years of teaching, a passion for pedagogy that embraces different learning styles based on the 8 different intelligences. This has enabled her to elicit outstanding results from her students, who consistently achieve at their best possible level.

Meredith has worked with students at all levels from Yr 7 to HSC (including Standard, Advanced and Extension2 English).
After many years in a position where she taught both History and English, Meredith was selected for a specialist English role that asked in the job description for a teacher able to “inspire students” and one who had “a commitment to strategies which encourage students’ self reliance”. Meredith thoroughly enjoyed that position for a further 10 years.

Meredith’s big strength as a teacher is her ability to offer sessions that are focused and clear to understand, as well as delivered with humour and a real regard for the personality of each student. Meredith loves to teach and accordingly, her students over the years have loved learning with her. They leave confident and happy, able to put into practice the strategies and systems they have learned.

The ability to construct a good essay is something Meredith is very confident can be taught as a general skill to students who will need this skill across many parts of the secondary curriculum and beyond, into University years. (Meredith has had further experience at the latter level too.)

In addition to essay writing, Meredith likes to give, for HSC English students, a once-off session that thoroughly briefs them on how to maximise their marks in Paper 1, the important skills-based common paper. Both papers are obviously important but it is actually possible to prepare very cleverly for the particular way in which Paper 1 is constructed. Smart preparation cuts down hard slog- and there's plenty of that already in the HSC!

Meredith is a big fan of exercise and good nutrition to promote student efficiency, so expect a few asides on both these aspects along with your essay-writing and HSC skills.

Download a TIPS SHEET from Meredith.

Mobile: 0407 006 313


OPTION 1: You come to Meredith (at Allambie Heights, near Manly) 
Price: $150 for 1-1.5 hours

OPTION 2: Meredith comes to you
Price: $150 + travel costs (depends on location, email with your location to request a quote)

(Each specialist has different prices, please check before contacting them.)

STUDY SKILLS (based in Menai)

Jane RouvrayJane Rouvray, BA, Dip Ed  (Sydney University)

With over 30 years' experience in High School Education Jane brings a wealth of experience in educational and organisational theory and management. Jane has worked as a teacher, Year Adviser, Head Teacher and finally Deputy Principal at a wide variety of schools in NSW including comprehensive coeducational, single sex (both a boys and girls school) and a large Year 11 and 12 College.

Over these years Jane has developed a suite of skills which focus on the motivational, organisational and emotional intelligence skills which facilitate achievement. These can be coupled with traditional subject coaching if required, however the "learning coach model " initially focuses on the whole student  and what is needed to set yourself up for success.

Sessions can be one off or long term and are tailored to the needs of the student.

Jane is based in Menai and works with families in most suburbs south of the harbour bridge. Suburbs that require longer travel times from Menai may incur additional charges.

Jane also has significant knowledge on careers and post school pathways.

(From Prue: "Having worked with Jane over a number of years I have always been impressed with her well-developed organisational skills and ability to help students improve their performance and make school less stressful and more rewarding. I particularly admire the way Jane can connect with students, the ability to do this is not something that can be learnt and is essential if you want students to take on board your ideas and strategies. I was thrilled when Jane became available to work individually with students in this capacity!")


Mobile: 0402 863 683


$200 for the initial 90 minute session in Sutherland /St George area with Jane travelling to your home. Each additional session within 3 months with the same family is charged at $150 for a 1.5 hour session.
$350+ (depending on travel time) for the initial 90 minute session for areas OUTSIDE of Sutherland/St George area (eg Eastern Suburbs, Campbelltown) that are no more than an hour's drive from Menai. For areas further away, fees will need to be negotiated based on travel times. Each additional session within 3 months with the same family is charged at $250 for a 1.5 hour session.

STUDY SKILLS (based in Neutral Bay, for sessions on weekends and school holidays)

Alessandra CassarAli Horii, M.A. TESOL (UTS), B.A. in Asian Studies/Arts (University of Sydney), CELTA

From Prue: "I first met Ali around 15 years ago when teaching in Singapore. Both from Sydney, we missed the blue skies! And like me, Ali can't resist the lure of further study. Ali has had a wealth of experience as a teacher. Here are some of the highlights":

- Ali has completed her Masters of TESOL and is currently employed (part-time) by the Australian Catholic University (ACU) in North Sydney. In this capacity, Ali works as a teacher on the general and academic streams and assists with curriculum development and teacher mentoring and training programmes.

- Prior to ACU, Ali was employed at a private college teaching English to university students. Aside from teaching, Ali's role also included advising students on how to improve their studies, being involved in curriculum development, co-writing language programmes for the school accredited by NEAS and in 2009 she was awarded Teacher of the Year. Ali has also been involved in the TESOL training program as a student prac lesson assessor and has conducted professional development workshops for her colleagues.

- Ali has also been seconded twice a year to co-write and deliver 3-4 week TESOL programs at Kyungpook National University in Korea. These are programs that are supported and funded by the Korean Board of Education and Ali's role is really to teach the teachers attending how to teach.

- Ali also spent five years in Japan teaching all levels of English from adults to kindergarten students. Her role included creating resources and teaching materials to best suit needs of students at varying levels, and counselling students on a continual basis regarding their courses of study including course compatibility, personal study plans, and advice on how to improve. 
- A passion for languages means that Ali speaks French, Japanese and has had experience with Indonesian as well working with The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, Sydney, translating documents, liaising with the public for passport and visa requirements and assisting with visiting Indonesian government officials.

Sessions can be one off or just as needed or long term and are tailored to the needs of the student. Ali has also worked with students transitioning to university, mature age students or students returning to their studies.

(From Prue: "My best recommendation for Ali is that like me, studying, time management and organisation comes naturally to her. Being a teacher means that Ali can help diagnose issues, work out what students need to change and come up with systematic, explained steps for students to follow that will address these. Also the fact that families often book repeat sessions or sessions for other siblings and recommend Ali's services to other families!")

In the last few years Ali has done individual coaching with students from many schools around Sydney such as the following: Ascham School, Barker College, Brigidine College, Central Coast Grammar, Cranbrook School, International Grammar School, Kambala School for Girls, Knox Grammar, Loreto Kirribilli, Manly Selective High School, Marist College North Shore, Moriah College, Monte, Mosman High, Newington College, Northern Beaches Secondary College, OLSH Kensington, PLC Croydon, PLC Pymble, Queenwood, Reddam House, Riverview, SCEGGS Darlinghurst, SCECGS Redlands, SHORE, St Aloysius' College, St Andrews Cathedral School, St Augustine's College, St Catherine's School, St Luke's Grammar, Sydney Grammar, The Emanuel School, The King's School, The Scots College, Waverley College, Wenona, Willoughby Girls High.

Mobile: 0405 901 912


Price: $450 for 1.5 hours at Ali's home in Neutral Bay.
Each additional session with the same family is charged at $375 for a 1.5 session.


- $750 for 2 x 1.5 hr sessions (pay up front and schedule 2 sessions within a 6 month period) at Ali's home in Neutral Bay.
- $900 for 3 x 1.5 hr sessions (pay up front and schedule 3 sessions within a 6 month period) at Ali's home in Neutral Bay.

Note: Ali is heavily booked for these sessions and you may need to book in advance so contact Ali asap with your preferred dates if you are interested in a session.

STUDY SKILLS, ACADEMIC COACHING (based in Cremorne, for sessions during the week, on the weekends, and some school holidays)

Wendy Lindeman, B.A., Dip.Ed., Grad Dip (Administration Leadership)

Click here to download Wendy's information

Wendy has worked with teenagers for 34 years, as a teacher, Year Coordinator, Head of Department, Curriculum and Pastoral Care Director and Careers Advisor, Deputy Principal and Principal in Australia (Queenwood, SCECGS Redlands, Australian Performing Arts Grammar School) and internationally (Australian International School Singapore, Tanglin British International School and Australian International School Saigon). Wendy is conversant with both the Australian and IB curriculums.

She is the Head of School of APGS and has been a consultant to schools in Sydney for study, motivational and organizational skills with students. She has an excellent ability to relate to students, she understands their "world" and guides with insight and realism, appreciating the need to achieve their best within the academic system within the demands of assignments, assessments, tests and examinations.

As a parent of a 16 year old daughter, Wendy also has great empathy with parents, sharing their desire for the children to achieve success in school yet, at the same time, balancing co-curricular, sporting, performing arts and social activities outside of school.

Wendy approaches her sessions as a coach and mentor, working with the students (and parents) from Year 6 to Year 12. She recognizes the different challenges all students have at times as they navigate their high school years, and knows that each child has different needs, different approaches to learning, different priorities and his or her unique personalities. She works with the student to develop strategies, techniques and processes that best suit the individual child.

Wendy can guide and support students across a breadth of areas, which are pivotal to achieving personal success at school, including:

• - work/home study environment – for time-saving measures & creating focus
• - time-management and organization (at home & school)
• - motivation, self-discipline and focus on academic work
• - active learning vs passive learning – effective use of time learning
• - memory, how information is retained in long term memory, vs short term (brain physiology)
• - how to plan and approaches to assignments & assessments
• - managing homework, assignments, assessments and tests throughout the term
• - study skills: both tests and examinations (revision techniques, effective "smart" learning etc)
• - school/life balance
• - effective learning at home – so students have more "free" time as a consequence of effective use of work time
• - supporting students through a Semester or academic year.

Email:    Mobile:    0418 866 886  Please send a text explaining you are looking for study skills tutoring or leave a voice message.


Initial or one-off session:  $350 for  1 & ½ hour session    [includes initial phone interview (@an hour), follow-up templates, strategies and emails with the student & parent for the following month to assist with consolidating and applying the session into relevant work]

Packages are available for additional sessions at Wendy's (within 3 months).

Packages need to be paid upfront, after the initial session.

1 additional x 1.5 hour session   - $320
2 additional x 1.5 hour sessions  - $600
3 additional x 1.5 hour sessions  - $880

Packages include:

- unlimited emails with the student
- unlimited phone calls with the parent
- summary reports of each session

Additional sessions for students in the same family receive a 10% discount.


Due to the high demand for Wendy's sessions, a cancellation fee of $100 is required for cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the session. She understands that kids get sick and unexpected happenings can’t be avoided, so Wendy will endeavour to re-schedule at the earliest available time.