Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the units in the online Study Skills Handbook or Study Samurai Library printable? Can I print them off so students can use them without computers?

In terms of study skills resources for schools we offer 3 things:

  1. The Online Study Skills Handbook website (SSH). This is designed for students to do using laptops – it is not something you print. They work through the material for each topic online, click on links, take quizzes, watch videos. It is an interactive online experience. There are some things you can print, for example the unit on time management has timetable templates or there might be a summary sheet on a topic – but these are just to supplement and summarise the online learning. You couldn’t print them out and do that instead. There are some 10 page HELP guides that can be printed. But no you can’t print the units as they are videos and links and online activities.
  2. The Study Samurai Library (SSL). This is 3 online resources bundled together. 1) The Study Skills Handbook site described above 2) the Online Well-being course – also an online interactive resource and 3) 75 short videos (around 20 Minutes) for students to watch on the topics of study skills and well-being.
  3. For schools that want students to use worksheets NOT computers, the other option we offer is to purchase individual worksheet sets like the ‘Year 7 Study Skills Worksheets’. There are around 20 different worksheet sets to choose from, they are not sold as a package. It would be crazy to get them all as you just wouldn’t use that many! You choose which ones you want, we email them to you as PDF files and then you print and photocopy them. There are sample pages on the website for each of the PDF worksheet set resources available.
  • So for the online websites, no, the units are not printable. They are designed to be online multimedia interactive experiences and include videos, online quizzes etc.
  • While the websites and the PDF worksheets may cover similar topics like Time Management, the actual content is different. The worksheet sets are not a printable version of the websites as the websites have multimedia experiences integrated – it is a completely different style so different content.
  • If you want to use both online websites and printed worksheets – you would need to purchase separately – they are completely different resources.
  • We don’t offer partial subscriptions for the online websites, the costs are based on your Year 7-12 student numbers as the login details can be used at home by any parent or student. But it only works out at around $1 a student for SSH and $2 a student for SSL.
  • The websites are really designed for schools where students have a laptop with them.