A Selection of Outside Links

Recommended Businesses

The following are a selection of businesses that ELES has worked with and can recommend or that have been strongly recommended by trusted individuals:

Human Connections

Rocky is based in Sydney and offers a range of school programs such as helping students with exam/school anxiety, developing motivation and peak performance techniques. He also mentors teachers and runs Parent Information Evenings. Rocky also works with businesses to move them to to the next level with a unique program. Rocky also does counselling and uses hypnotherapy and E.F.T. to help clients overcome a number of life issues.

The Research Den

Bron is the author of the High School Essay Planner and the Night Before Essay Planner and provides support on writing essays to high school and university students. Check out the site for some great advice around essay writing.

Enlighten Education

Enlighten Education's programs help teenage girls decode the mixed messages they receive and help them develop self-esteem and confidence. The programs are designed to be delivered in schools and are targeted at girls aged 12-18. They are fabulous. There is now also a program targeting boys.

Pencil Grips Plus
Pencil Grips Plus, based in Sydney, provides a range of specialised pens, pencils & grips to take the stress out of handwriting, especially during high school exams. We also supply hand exercise putty that’s used to build strength in hand/finger muscles, with the aim of improving handwriting endurance.

Set to Study
Set to Study has been established to help high school students reach their potential and achieve the best possible outcome. Each individual's wellbeing is at the forefront of the approach. They incorporate essential elements to help students achieve, whilst relieving the stresses of their high school years through supportive mentorship and tuition. Set to Study evaluate students' motivation and creates a personal study plan so they can discover their study habits and be set to study.

Study Crunch

Study Crunch provides study skills programs for children from Years 7 through 12. They are based in Brisbane and run the seminars to help students develop they skills they need to achieve academically.


Drug and Alcohol Research and Training by Paul Dillon. Always gets great reviews. Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA) aims to provide education and training expertise as well as high quality research assistance on a wide range of alcohol and other drug issues.

Climate Schools

https://www.climateschools.com.au/ -
Aiming to change and reinvigorate the school climate around alcohol and other drug education, the modules provide curriculum-consistent health education courses proven to reduce harm and improve student well-being.

Five Senses Education


Five Senses Education has over 40 years experience as a niche educational supplier, operating as an educational retailer of quality educational toys, children’s books and textbooks – and as a provider of tutoring services. It now includes a publishing and distribution arm and supplies over 1500 titles to tuition centres, bookshops and other retailers in Australia and the region.

Typing 4 KIDS


Typing 4 Kids works with schools to offer an extra-curricular 'learn to touch type' program at school for students either before or after school. This is an Australian owned and operated business based in Sydney. Children attend lessons once per week for 1 hour.  Each child has an online Premium account which holds their course progression, accuracy, test results and more. 

The Sleep Connection


The Sleep Connection was established by Lisa Maltman to meet the growing need to educate students, teachers and parents in schools on the importance of sleep health. Around 30% of primary school children and 70% of teenagers are sleep deprived, resulting in negative effect on their learning, behaviour and mental health. The aim of the “Sleep for Better Health, Resilience and Performance” program is to support a whole-school approach, ranging from education and practical strategies through to pathways for professional help. Download flyer.

Raising Children in a Digital World


Dr. Kristy Goodwin takes the guesswork and guilt out of raising kids in the digital age. She arms parents with facts, not fears, about the best ways to parent when it comes to technology. She helps parents ditch the techno-guilt + raise happy, healthy kids who thrive online and offline.

Morrisby Careers Testing


We offer a one stop shop for your school’s careers guidance services.  We offer competitive prices, full training, excellent customer services Results are immediate and are viewed in a dynamic and interactive tool, which can be accessed by both the student and the school.



Dr Valerie Johnston-Dugamin, Principal Osteopath at OsteoLife. Focuses on providing awareness on postural strain in school children. She has made it her mission to educate students to be more conscious of their posture, as well as providing them with simple tools that will help
minimise body strain.

Nic Morris at theDesignPeople

If you like the design of this website or the ELES Study Skills Handbook, contact Nic as he does a great job, is very talented and easy to work with. He has done a number of projects for me and I have been thrilled with all of them - he has a real flair and great design skills. (Note: any errors or dodgy bits or strange looking formatting on this site are probably a result of my amateur 'fiddling' with the site since Nic finished it!)

Rewards Drama

Rewards Drama teaches (in an online live class) the hidden gems of the acting craft to everyday people. Up-skill, improve presentation skills, gain confidence, improve memory and get better outcomes. Focused outcomes include Presentation, Voice, Stagecraft, Unique worth and Confidence.

Australian Centre for Education in Sleep

Dr Sarah Blunden is an expert in the area of sleep for children and young people.

Child Think Pty Ltd

Dr Jenny Harasty, PhD, is a Speech Pathologist and Neurologist. Her business can help students in these areas: learning or speech difficulties, literacy, dyslexia, gifted, ADHD, special provisions.


Noisli helps students improve focus and boost your productivity. You can mix different sounds and create your perfect background noise. The great thing about background noise is that, not only it keeps your brain active and enhances creative thinking, but it really helps you to stay focused on your current task by blocking out those other distractions.

onPsych Services

NSW, ACT, QLD, WA & VIC schools are eligible to access onPsych Services. onPsych works on the school grounds and provides mental health care to students, families and teachers at no cost (Medicare or NDIS). Other services are also available. Please contact 1300659350 or contact@onpsych.com.au for more information.

Cyber Safety/Bullying Session

Video Game Addiction Treatment Clinic


Emil Hodzic is a Registered Psychologist and offers a psychological service specialising in video game addiction and related software and psychological issues. He began this service in 2012 after seeing a growing need in his practice for interventions, especially for teenage boys, around video games primarily.

Raising Children in a Digital World


Dr. Kristy Goodwin takes the guesswork and guilt out of raising kids in the digital age. She arms parents with facts, not fears, about the best ways to parent when it comes to technology. She helps parents ditch the techno-guilt + raise happy, healthy kids who thrive online and offline.

INESS -  Internet Education and Safety Services

INESS delivers training, speaking and consultancy worldwide in the field of digital compliance including internet safety and cyberbullying. Presenter Brett Lee (not the cricketer).

Brainstorm Productions

Cyber bullying and bullying programs for high school students presented through the media of short plays.

Bamboo Theatre
This link goes to the people you can book them through. Look for Cyber Shorts towards the bottom. They present a play and workshop on cyberbullying.

eSafety commissioner


CyberSafety Lady, Leonie Smith




Digital Leadership. Burn Bright has established with some of the staff from Rising Generations that closed 2 years ago. They will also tailor a program to your needs. 



Alannah and Madeline Website


Police Liaison Officer

Police community liaison officers run sessions on legal and criminal matters.

Concerned Parent's Toolbox


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