Study Skills Sessions

Study Skills Sessions and Evenings for Schools with Dr Prue Salter
(mostly in Sydney)

Dr Prue Salter is almost at capacity as schools that have been running sessions for the past 17 years consistently rebook their sessions and so there is now limited availabity for new schools to book a session. Prue has run over 4000 study skills seminars and presented to almost half a million students, parents and teachers. If you are not able to secure a date, the other option to consider is to pay for a licence to show a video of the session to a group: Access to Videos of Dr Prue Salter. However if you want face-to-face sessions, there are 3 types of sessions offered (Student Sessions, Parent/Student Evenings, Staff Sessions) and details are below.

Note: REGIONAL, INTERSTATE AND OVERSEAS: Schools outside of the Sydney area will need to pay travel and accommodation costs in addition to session charges to arrange sessions at a time that is convenient to the school and ELES, subject to availability. Email if your school is interested, I may be in your area for conferences etc:, and if you have exceptional food experiences in your region or interesting animal encounters then I am certain to try harder to find a time to visit! Realistically however, I am very heavily booked in Sydney - Term 4 is the most likely option - and unless I am going to be in the area already costs for running sessions outside of Sydney may be prohibitive.


  • CURRENTLY THERE IS NO AVAILABILITY - ALL EVENING SPOTS ARE FULLY BOOKED: Currently I am fully booked for parent/student evenings. Schools with regular bookings have the option to rebook their spot each year and all spots are currently taken.
  • WAITLIST FOR AN EVENING SPOT: Email if you would like to be waitlisted if further evenings or earlier evenings become available (ie if Prue's university schedule changes and opens up more evenings):
  • Parents and students must attend together. We do not offer parent only sessions.
  • Usually one year group attends, but can be 2-3 year groups. Secondary year groups only.
  • The most popular evening is the Year 7 evening followed by a Year 11 or 10 evening.
  • 90 minutes in length eg 6-7.30pm, 6.30-8pm etc.
  • Handouts are sent to the school to be copied prior to the session.
  • Flyers are sent to the school to help advertise the evening.
  • You need a venue that has a large screen, data projector and microphone.
  • Content covered varies on the year group, but for example might be organisation, time management, study notes, study techniques.
  • Cost for an evening is $2500 + GST.
  • Some schools like to offer a full school option, eg Years 7-9 @ 6-7.15pm and Years 10-12 @ 7.30-8.45pm. Cost for this option is $3750 + GST.
  • See below for an article on the importance of engaging parents in the learning process.

OPTION 2: YEARS 11/12 STUDENT Only Sessions

  • Available dates: There is very limited availability and it depends on travel time and where I am travelling from before your session - email if you are interested and I will let you know what is available:
  • Sessions are up to 1.5 hours in length for Year 11 and up to 1 hr for Year 12.
  • Terms 1 to 3 only.
  • Handouts are sent to the school to be copied prior to the session.
  • You need a venue that has a large screen, data projector and microphone.
  • The Year 11 session covers: moving into a senior mindset, working effectively at home and dealing with distractions, the importance of independent learning, managing workload and planning for assessments, organising resources for school both paper and digital, steps to effective study for assessments, increasing the range of study techniques used, how often and how to make study notes, making study notes brain-friendly.
  • The content for the Year 12 session varies depending on the time of year and if I have seen the group previously, but the most popular session is the Post-Trials session which looks at putting together a plan all the way through to the last exam.
  • Cost $1500 + GST.


  • Title: Helping Students Develop Effective Study Skills
  • Available dates: It depends when your staff professional development day is, email and I will let you know if the date/time you want is available:
  • 1-2 hours is needed for the secondary staff professional development session (preferably 2 hours).
  • Ideally it is good to give faculty groups an hour after the session to complete the follow-up activities.
  • Staff preferably to be seated at tables in faculty groups.
  • Secondary school teachers only, I do not focus on primary school skills.
  • Handouts are sent to the school to be copied prior to the session.
  • You need a venue that has a large screen, data projector and microphone.
  • Aims of the session: To increase teachers' knowledge and understanding of effective study skills. To demonstrate practical ways teachers can help improve study skills within the classroom environment.
  • Staff will need to be seated in faculty groups.
  • Cost $2500 + GST. For a full day the cost is $5250 plus GST (30% discount).
    Note: Please ensure you comply with copyright law and always acknowledge/give credit to Enhanced Learning Educational Services when using any of our materials: freebies, resources or materials from sessions. We remind our students not to please ensure you recognise the use of any of the intellectual property of ELES and do not use our materials without acknowledging the source. Our resources will already have the copyright information on the bottom of each page of the products. We rely on your professional integrity in this matter.

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Cancellation Policy

For cancellations 3 weeks before the session cancellation charges do not apply.

If you then cancel between 3 weeks before the session up to a week before the session and do not book in an alternative date for later that year a third of the session fee will be applicable.

For sessions cancelled (and not rescheduled for later that year) less than a week prior to the session, half of the session fee is applicable. Any non-refundable travel costs will also need to be covered by the school.

Sessions cancelled within the last 24 hours will incur the full fee. Any non-refundable travel costs will also need to be covered by the school.