Welcome to ELES

Enhanced Learning Educational Services (ELES) is the study skills specialist for secondary students.

ELES helps secondary students develop effective study skills through our online study skills handbook, study skills worksheets and seminars. We look for ways to help teachers and parents help students cope better with the academic demands of school and achieve their personal best. We run a number of different study skills seminars and workshops for secondary students, parents and teachers – all a dynamic learning experience for attendees. Dr Prue Salter has run over 5000 of these seminars with over half a million students, parents and teachers. ELES is based in Sydney, Australia.

Schools also subscribe to our online Study Skills Handbook website, allowing all of their high school community access to interactive multimedia learning units to help students further develop their study skills. This allows students and teachers to follow-up the material from the session and learn new techniques to become a better learner.

We also offer a range of study skills resources and study skills worksheet sets; on general study skills, time management, goal setting, and examination preparation.  Schools can purchase a version that allows them to make copies for students, individuals can purchase study skills workbooks for individual use only.

The aim of ELES is to help secondary students become more effective and efficient learners so they can cope better with the academic demands of school. We want to make school less stressful for students! While some students seem to know what to do to be poweful learners and achieve their personal best, other students struggle to manage their time, to keep themselves organised, and to know how to make good study notes and study effectively. Our role is to help students in this area, and to help teachers and parents help students. In addition to the sessions, worksheets, and online learning experiences, we also offer a number of free options to support students. There are lots of study skills resources and planners available in the Freebies section, and students can even send their study notes or study issues in for personal feedback.

We also believe in giving back. Check out our Donations link and you'll see the charities we have supported over the years.

School can sometimes be a not very pleasant place for many students, particularly those who find academic studies challenging. By giving students tools to help them manage themselves better and learn more effectively, we hope to contribute to students' development as self-regulated life-long learners and make their experience of school more rewarding.

We look forward to working with you.

Prue Salter, B.A., B.Math., Dip.Ed., M. Acc., M. Ed., Ph.D.
Enhanced Learning Educational Services.